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In a design violin such as the one named “Dopo la tempesta”, nothing can be left to chance. Every step in the creating process is carefully thought over.

The traditional violin has an asymmetrical internal structure: a sound-post for the high pitch and high frequencies, a bass-bar, which is a spring, for the low pitch, and for the low frequencies. 

As we know, the violin is smaller than the viola, and the violin produces higher sounds than the viola. From this, the violin-maker deduces that the size and proportions of the sound-box have a fundamental influence on the sound and the tone colour.

In the shape of this violin, the right half of the body of the violin is smaller, corresponding to the needs of the high frequencies, whereas the larger left half is wider and fuller so as to meet the needs of the low frequencies. The sound pallet is widened. 

The scroll, symbol of the Baroque period, has no meaning in contemporary art.

Lines are simplified for aesthetic reasons. Reducing the weight is an essential element to meet the acoustical needs.  


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