Ecole de lutherie Internationale "Gauthier Louppe" - Marche-en-Famenne | Belgique | Tel: +32(0)


Conditions admittance

- be 18 years old in the year of registration

- minimum school level: baccalaureate or equivalent

Violin making training is now done in partnership with the Royal Higher Institute of Music and Pedagogy of Namur:

To register, all the information can be found here:

Theoretical courses are given at the IMEP and the practical courses are given at the International School of Lutherie Gauthier Louppe Marche-en-Famenne

Registration fees amount to less than 1000€ per year for students from the European Union, and less than 2000€ per year for students from outside the European Union

Ferme de Harzé - Aliments et Matériels pour animaux

Simon Leleux - Percussionist - Percussions orientales

Casadimensa - cours de danse africaine et djembé à Liège

Odette Bijoux - artisant bijoutier à Liège