Ecole de lutherie Internationale "Gauthier Louppe" - Marche-en-Famenne | Belgique | Tel: +32(0)


The school

The International School of violin-making arose from a collaboration between the Town of Marche, and Master Gauthier LOUPPE. It aims to train young people, passionate about violin making, towards professionalism in the world of the string quartet (violin, viola and cello), over a period of four years.

The Luthier, after many years of scientific and artistic research and the creation of many classical and contemporary works, has opened this school with the purpose of passing on his knowledge and know-how to young people from all over the world.
The whole tuition is performed by the master violin-maker Gauthier Louppe and his assistant. The training is based on the techniques and methods applicate by the great Italian Masters of the 17th and 18th centuries. Master Louppe cares to follow traditional ways in the making of stringed instruments.

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