Ecole de lutherie Internationale "Gauthier Louppe" - Marche-en-Famenne | Belgique | Tel: +32(0)



The training is based on intensive workshop practice, in order to gain mastery of the material, tools and techniques. In addition theoretical and the technical courses are provided. The training is based on the traditional techniques and methods of the great Italian masters of the 17 th and 18 th centuries.

The first cycle of the three-year training period is dedicated to constructing some of the classical instruments of the string quartet. The aim is to make two complete violins to start with, next, to produce a viola and historical instrument of their choice, and in the third cycle, to construct a cello.

Scientific research and the realizing old instruments fit perfectly into the training program. The students observe and reproduce ancestral gestures under the watchful eye of the master luthier who cares to transmit the traditional way in the trade of making instruments of the string quartet.

The fourth years of training focuses on restoration techniques, one of the main tasks for a professional luthier.



The school provides pupils with all the supplies and tools necessary to craft the instruments of the string quartet (violin, viola and cello). The instruments, once completed, remain the property of the Town of Marche. At the end of their training, students have the opportunity to buy some of their instruments at cost price, equivalent to the price of supplies and the materials used for their manufacture.
The historical instruments, made during the second year, will be exhibited permanently and will expand the collections of the exhibition.

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